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Know Little Things About Canada

Nowadays, most people are aware that Canada is considered as the second biggest country, if the land area and marine coverage under its location are concerned, in the world. In accordance with the known belief, the Canada was not discovered by the British but instead, the first voyagers that were able to set foot in the said country were French.  They are the one who is able to establish the first society in the country.

This kind of interesting facts about the Canada can be found on more info. This site is dedicated to serve as a big encyclopedia regarding the past and present information about the Canada. It also discusses different cultures, histories, and demographics. Moreover, different tourist attractions and government projects were also included. Thus, this site can give you an interest and makes you want to go in Canada.

Interesting Facts

  • In terms of the total area of land, the rank of the Canada is on number four. However, the length of its border that is being shared with the neighbor country, United States, is known as the longest borderland in the world.
  • Canada is also featured as one of the best countries in the top ten lists in the world in terms of its Human Development Index. Furthermore, it is also known as one the most welcoming and accommodating of refugees in the countries.
  • The Canada also gained a high ranking in terms of education, freedom, and civil liberty. Moreover, the country is also known in terms of gross domestic product and capita per income.
  • The country has also an excellent reserve in terms of different natural sources like fossil fuels, marine resource, and forest cover. In addition to that, it also has a lot of people who migrated to the country from the different race in the world. Thus, the culture of the country is very diverse.