Cut Off Skin Tag Won’t Stop Bleeding

Facts You Need To Know on Skin Tag

These are often soft and small, benign growth of skin and is often situated on a stalk. More often than not, these show up and appear out of nowhere, especially, on adult skin as the most common single bump. True enough, these are indeed harmless, however, it does that change the fact of it as bothersome.

On an adult skin, these occur usually on the:

  • Armpits
  • Eyelids
  • groin folds
  • neck
  • under the breasts

Although usually in single growth, it does not mean it does not multiply all over the body. The age range when this phase is common is middle-aged and adults who are obese.

What if it was accidentally cut off? What must you do?

Many circumstances can lead why the cut off skin tag won’t stop bleeding, and it can truly cause duress and pain.

  • Shaving is indeed a primary reason for the bleeding, especially, if you were not careful enough to avoid the skin growth.
  • Skin irritation causes the bleeding as well, that’s why you have to be sensitive with the tags because as it unstoppably bleds and is not properly attended, serious health risks could happen.

Prevention is always the key, however, accidents happen, thus, proper preparation comes as the next best procedure in facing this health dilemma. Have you ever heard about Tea Tree Oils? This organic and essential oil have the capacities to dehydrate surrounding skin and the bump, and effectively cuts off the supply of blood. As a result, the affected skin will drop off without causing any pain or discomfort. Furthermore, the essential oil helps your skin regenerate and rejuvenate to its healthier state with additional herbal properties of anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory benefits.

If you prefer a faster remedy, there is a notable brand available in the market today. It promotes the same attributes of the essential oil but with scientific advancements that gives you fastest acting solutions and better health benefits!


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