Read More on the Relevance of Body Piercing in Ancient Civilizations

Based on some literature, the piercing is considered as one of the ancient forms of modifying one’s body. In addition, the body piercing is known to be popular in America and in Western Europe. On top of that, there are some renowned cultures that are practicing the concept of body piercing as a part of their culture.

Some of the famous civilizations that are believed to use piercing in their culture are:

  • Egyptian
  • Romans
  • Mayans
  • Aztecs


The existence of boy piercing is already proven to exist even way back over 5,000 years ago. Some personalities were able to discover that some of the mummified bodies during Ancient Egypt is said to have pierced, most of them were in the ear. According to some literature, the Ancient Egypt uses the concept of body piercing to symbolize their culture. For example, a Pharaoh is the only one to pierce his right navel. Anyone aside from the Pharaoh who tries to do so will be executed. Moreover, ear piercing symbolizes wealth and status, thus only higher classes in Egypt have the right to do it. There are many online sites that will let you read more on the correlation and relevance of piercing in Egyptian Civilization.


Unlike other cultures and civilizations, the Romans primarily used body piercing for practical purposes instead of beautification purposes. Piercing one’s navel is said to symbolize strength and virility. In addition, piercing the navel among men signifies dedication, courage, and loyalty to the Roman Empire. Gladiators are also famous for having a piercing in their genital in order to prevent any serious injuries during combats. Moreover, Gladiators are known for tying their organ back to their testicles using clothing such as a leather stripe. The leather stripes are said to be connected and are being held by the ring at the head of their genitals.


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